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Announcing User Referral Program

Hi Everyone!

As you know, here at letsgheek, we are always looking to grow our users with creative people, just like you. That’s why, we are excited to announce our User Referral Bonus Program. Refer any creative users to our community and as a “thank you,” we will offer you Reward Points for each referral that you have made using your unique referral link.

In order to be eligible for the referral bonus, you need to Register with letsgheek as a user and get your unique referral link from the reward section.

If you know someone, just pass your referral link to them personally or share the link through your social media pages. You can use your referral points to purchase products listed on our shop page.

For each succesfull referral you’ll get a bonus points that you can check from your reward dashboard. Once you registered with letsgheek you’ll have the access to your reward page. At the beginning we are offering 10 referral points, this may change in future.

For more details about the users referral bonus program, don’t hesitate to contact through comment section bellow. Also, don’t forget to check our blog page regularly for new updates.

Thank you.

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