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Hello Gheeks!

We are letsgheek and our motive is to connecting you with your loved ones. That’s the reason we build this amazing platform, with social networking, blogging and shopping together. We club all the modern digital interactions way more simpler.

What is social presence and Why?

Experiencing a sense of presence involves feeling immersed in a computer-mediated environment. The concept of social presence has been associated with an increased sense of achievement in a virtual learning environment. It reflects the ability to establish and engage in purposeful relationships and to build powerful community.

Our Presence

Like all other entity, we also want to showcase our presence also the way we approach to the community around the glob, so we choose one of the best way to do so. Some of our major social media handles but not limited to these.






Social presence remains the key to a successful way to begin, and understanding social presence, with its critical connection to learning and community building, allows us to better support from the globe.

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