Panda Evolution – A Collection of NFT’s

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The NFT market is changing rapidly and we try to make something unique for you every day, so we created these amazing art to convey one thought: things are changing day by day, we all are on evolutions. Do you have any NFT’s in your wallet? Every social media is changing to blockchain technology slowly. Twitter has made their users to change their profile pic with unique NFT that you owns with their new features.

Panda Evolution

Panda Evolution is a unique, cool and diverse collection of Evoluted Pandas! We’re Guguls the eyes behind Panda Evolution Collectibles. Thousands of algorithmically generated digital collectibles living on the Polygon Network(ERC-721 token standard) as tokens. Each NFT is unique and owns randomized items with different rarities.

They are elegant but also pretty much mysterious. Some of them look more rare than the others, but all of them are extremely valuable. Aside from participating in one the freaking coolest, curated but randomized NFT projects to date and getting a Evoluted Panda NFTs.

About Project

In recent days we have worked very closely and are ready to present you a new collection of evoluted pandas. We made our collections with 100s of traits and some of then are very rare in our collections.

Panda Evolution is an NFT Collection of 5000 Pandas living as ERC-721 PEN Tokens NFTs on Polygon Network. We made it very unique and different using our base layer and hundreds of traits. All our collections are hidden for now and it will show up as an hidden NFTs. As soon as the collectors are minted them it will start showing up on chain as not revealed. Whole the collections are revealed to the public soon after the majority of collections are minted.

Contracts : 0xf48e8dbb46562166f059da01647ebee39f4fe420

Dive into the polygon scan to check more about the contracts and minting transactions.

Early Mint

The PEN NFT Token are live now for pre-sale and you’re very lucky NFT collector as you’re reading this at it initial stage. Just imagine what you will get once our collection goes viral? You’ll get it at it base price now, so get yours soon before they spike in popularity!

We’re just launched the collections and the Initial Sale is on now. You can mint the collection from our Minting Dapp.

Mint Your PEN NFT Here


Community Chat and Giveaways

This collection is filled with traits and we hope it will please you as much as it pleasing us.

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